New Developments In Microfiche Technology

As businesses look towards document management systems that eliminate the need for large amounts of space and are friendlier to the environment, an increasing number of companies are considering the latest developments in microfiche technology as a suitable solution for their archiving needs.
Microfiche essentially is not a new phenomenon, as it involves archiving paperwork or books onto a piece of photographic film in a size to small to be viewed by the naked eye. It has historically been used by libraries among other organisations to store additional material that their building physically does not have space to hold.

To many companies, though, microfiche has seemed like an antiquated document management technique. Common concerns surrounding it included the need to maintain equipment to facilitate the transfer process, and the fact that access to the slides was limited to one person at a time.Often the slides had to be duplicated more than once too, to provide a back up in case the original became damaged or lost.
However, new developments in microfiche technology have brought the microfiche technique right into the 21st century by incorporating online technology into the equation.
With the help of an electronic document management system on your computer, you can now transfer microfiche files onto an online system that categorises your files for easy access. This eradicates the need for additional back up copies, centralises your collection of films and also gives you the capability to order them in a system that is most beneficial to you.
The greatest positive for managing your microfiche collection online is that multiple users can consult the documents at any one time, which is particularly useful if you are company based at different sites or you are recording educational materials such as historical documents.
At Capita TDS, we have extensive experience in migrating microfiche collections with the latest online technology and can assist with the transfer of your resources into an online document management system.
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